Rain World
Rain World is a survival platformer set in an abandoned industrial environment ravaged by a shattered ecosystem.

Bone-crushingly intense rains pound the surface, making life as we know it almost impossible. The creatures in this world hibernate most of the time, but in the few brief dry periods they go out in search of food.

You are a nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in this land.
You must hunt enough food to survive another cycle of hibernation.
Other — bigger — creatures have the same plan.


Gameplay features

Sneak, climb, and pounce your way through a unique alien landscape of hidden secrets and undiscovered dangers.

Nimble controls and physics-based animation gives characters intuitive weight and momentum for lightning quick high-wire action.

Intense, primal predator encounters will challenge your reflexes. Limited resources and the constant impending threat of rain will test your nerve. This is not an easy game!

Open-ended, sandbox-style narrative lets you make the choices... and deal with the consequences.

Co-operative and up to 4 player competitive gameplay: deathmatches, endurance, waves, custom challenges, etc.

Currently being developed for PC and Mac.


The creatures of Rain World are animated with a combination of code and traditional animation. This makes them soft and bendable, and responsive to their surroundings.

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About us

Joar Jakobsson - Concept, Programming, Art, Design

Joar is a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer who is obsessively interested in every art form there is. He especially enjoys game-making, believing it to be one of the most diverse creative mediums out there. You can view his work at:


James Primate - Music, Sound, Business Junk

Composer for numerous game soundtracks including Junk Jack X and Gnomoria, James is also one half of Chiptune duo Bright Primate. He can usually be found making music with hacked Gameboys and such. You can hear his game work at:



The environments in the game are generated by a stand-alone level editor, which uses hand drawn art assets and combines them with filters.

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More information to be found at the Devlog. Contact at
Release is planned for some time in 2014.